Bestway Transport Trucking Equipment


Bestway Transport currently runs with a vast fleet of trucks that allows for the company to meet all needs and we find ourselves constantly adding more units to our fleet of trucks to meet high volume demand.

Water Tank Trucks

Bestway Transport has a potable water tank trailer fleet that consists of stainless steel tanks, each with a capacity of 6,500 gallons.


Bestway Transport operates a volumous fleet of containers and we are constantly compromised to continue adding containers & trailers of 40’, 45’, 48’, and 53’ for anticipated growth and new opportunities.

Service Trucks

Bestway Transport operates fully equipped service trucks for road calls, site calls or dedicated customer facility placement. Some service trucks are also equipped with power generators to pre-trip refrigerated equipment in the field.

Diesel Delivery Trucks

Bestway Transport has the capability of delivering diesel to any location with a fleet of trucks that has up to 2,000 gal. capacity.