About Bestway Transport of Puerto Rico


Why Bestway Transport

Bestway Transport IS The Best Way To Go In Puerto Rico!

As Puerto Rico's largest trucking company, Bestway Transport capitalizes on our 50-year history as a transportation leader providing our customers with a custom designed transportation solutions anywhere throughout the Island of Puerto Rico.  Bestway offer its products to the 3rd party logistics community in Puerto Rico, as well as our commercial clients for part or all of their transportation management requirements. 

Bestway Transport offers a broad array of trucking services. Everything from our traditional island-wide, over the road services, port drayage, flat bed, reefer and hazardous materials; Bestway creates flexibility to help our customers bring their product to market. If you need it moved, we have the service for you.

This is the basis of our exceptional execution of your orders with our strong, long standing providers. We manage each shipment from pick up to delivery. We dispatch the shipments, coordinate pick up and delivery appointments, and monitor transit to ensure an on-time and damage free delivery.

Bestway’s asset based solutions allow us to provide you with more capacity during surges in your industry and business throughout the year.


Company Overview and History

We are dedicated to value added services for our customers. When you partner with Bestway Transport, you receive the experience, track record, equipment, and capacity that only Bestway can offer. We take pride in our employees, our work environment, and our high standards for on-time service and continue to strive to be "Best in Class". For smaller, one of a kind customers, we can handle one, two, or a handful of loads. For those customers with the obligation of moving large quantities of freight on a regular basis, we can offer the commitment of a dedicated fleet. Bestway Transport was founded in the late 70’s by Emilio Barbosa Vélez. The company has grown significantly though the years and currently employs over 200 people. Mr. Barbosa’s family also grew, producing three sons: Abner, Emilio Jr and Alexie who have joined the firm as president, vice president and corporate secretary respectively. After over 50 years of prioritizing excellent service, Bestway Transport is recognized as the leading asset-based trucking and distribution provider in Puerto Rico.



  • Emilio Barbosa Velez, CEO
  • Abner Barbosa, President
  • Alexie Barbosa, Vice President
  • Emilio Barbosa Jr.


Certification / Licensing / Authorization


CSP-logo Bestway Transport is Customhouse certified – licensed to transport bonded merchandise in Puerto Rico.
DOT-Logo Bestway Transport is licensed and certified by the Puerto Rico Commonwealth’s Public Service Commission (earning the agency’s highest ratings), a local government office regulating and overseeing all public transportation including enforcement of Federal  D.O.T. (Dept of Transportation) regulations and requirements.
JCA_logo Bestway Transport is a duly registered Carrier 
with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency




Accident Prevention Program

Bestway Transport is absolutely committed to a safe and efficient operation, and has installed a comprehensive Safety Awareness Program to accomplish this goal. Bestway has one of the best safety records in the industry. Additionally, we carry a full line of cargo, workers' compensation, and auto liability insurance, which meet or exceeds all local government as well as Department of Transportation requirements. Bestway’s driver training, drug testing procedures, and Trailer Striping program enhance the effectiveness of our Accident Prevention program. 


Bonded Cartman Licensed

Authorized Carriers Of Hazardous Waste / HAZMAT in Puerto Rico. Bestway Transport is an authorized carrier of hazardous waste and materials by the Puerto Rico Board of Environmental Quality. All our drivers are provided with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 Hazardous Waste Operations, Health & Safety Training Program for Workers. All drivers have received HazMat, D.O.T. and Security Awareness training.

 Bestway is proud to serve the following clients:

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