• Bestway Transport Trucking and Transportation Services in Puerto Rico

  • Bestway Transport operates a fleet of over 80 tractors and 600 trailers, with administrative offices located in the heart of San Juan’s Port Zone, and maintenance and storage terminals in Cataño and in Caguas, located in the center of Puerto Rico.

    As the Puerto Rico’s most dynamic carrier, Bestway Transport continues to expand our diverse portfolio of service-sensitive, specialty operations to meet your unique needs. Whether you need some or all of our transportation solutions, Bestway Transport has the capacity to deliver your freight on time, secure and safe.

  • Dry Van Trucking Services in Puerto Rico

    Bestway Transport successfully operates the Island's largest truckload fleet by incorporating the strongest core values with the most comprehensive asset-based equipment in the Puerto Rico’s trucking and transportation industry.

    We travel more than 5 thousand miles every day.  Our commitment to safety, service, and damage-free delivery is paramount with our administrative and support team as well as our drivers on the road. 

  • Dedicated Supply Chain Trucking and Transportation Services in Puerto Rico

    We’re not saying that we have the solutions, we’re showing our customers that we do…everyday. Customers in Puerto Rico like Wal-Mart Intl, Sam’s Club, Baxter Health Care, V. Suárez Company, and the Coco Cola Bottling Co., to name a few.

    Bestway understands that your supply chain needs are unique and that’s exactly why we’ve created specific solutions customized to suit your ever-changing operating environment. From precision design to seamless execution, our dedicated transportation professionals are engaged every step of the way to provide you with the most accurate and economical transportation arrangement the industry has to offer. Bestway currently operates over 50 dedicated tractors and is recognized as the leading asset-based dedicated provider in Puerto Rico.

  • Flatbed / Low Boy Trucking Services in Puerto Rico

    Bestway Transport offers a large variety of trailer types to meet your heavy freight shipping needs. We can provide tarps of any size, straps and chains to secure your freight and assure its safe arrival.

    Not many flatbed freight brokers are able to offer instant rates for their flatbeds trucking services, but at Bestway, we understand the importance of receiving your rates estimates in a timely manner.

    Flatbeds and Decks

    • Standard Flatbed
    • Drop Deck / Step Deck / Single Drop
    • Double Drop / Low-boy
    • Removable Gooseneck


  • Over-Weight & Heavy Haul Trucking Services in Puerto Rico

    Bestway Transport's team has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage the most complex over-the-road shipments. With expertise in Federal and Commonwealth permitting laws, requirements & restrictions. Bestway Transport delivers the professional level of service you require.

    A few firms claim expertise in dry van or Heavy Haul, but it's the capability to deliver a 80 Ton rail crane safely, legally, and on-time that separates the men from the boys.

    • Reliable pricing for unique service requirements
    • Expertise in loading & securement
    • Professional routing & permitting services to reduce costs, increase safety, & ensure smooth transit
    • Expert insurance & liability analysis
  • Refrigerated / Reefer Trucking Services in Puerto Rico

    Do you have a private trailer, container or piece of equipment that needs to be moved? Bestway Transport offers power only moves where we can provide a truck tractor for your freight transportation needs.

    We can transport trailers or container of any size and weight. If you have heavy or over dimensional equipment that is trailer mounted, we can secure permits to transport the units over the road in our Heavy Hauling department.

  • Drayage / Port Freight Trucking Services in Puerto Rico

    Bestway Transport offers local drayage moves for pulling containers in and out of ports, harbors, warehouse, and on site pick-ups. Bestway Transport performs delivery services for your freight trucking needs to every corner of Puerto Rico.

    • Power Only Units
      • Local Drayage
      • Island-wide Freight Trucking
    • Harbor and Port Work
      • Container Pulls
      • Transloads
      • Metro San Juan and All-Island delivery via truck
    • Container Delivery
      • Pick-up / Tracking / Delivery
    • Management services
  • Hazardous Materials – Hazmat Trucking Services in Puerto Rico

    One area in which Bestway Transport excels in is shipping hazardous materials.  We believe in the safety of our drivers as well as those with which they are sharing the road. 

    All of our drivers are trained to safely transport Hazmat and Sensitive Cargo based on Federal Regulation (49-CFR), parts 100-185.  Each driver is initially trained upon employment and maintained every two years thereafter, in accordance with Federal Regulations.

    Any updates are provided to operators during monthly safety meetings, in house or remote.  AAT Carriers and our drivers are certified to haul all levels of hazmat material.

  • Container Services in Puerto Rico

    The largest truckload carrier servicing the Port of San Juan means you get the equipment when you need it.  Bestway is a U.S. Customs bonded carrier and possess the skill-set, expertise, and professional personnel to handle your cleared cargo as well as loads moving under "bond".

    Bestway Transport offers the most comprehensive container services and options in Puerto Rico. A broad array of equipment offerings and convenient value-added services makes us your one-stop shop for all your container needs. Whether it's local drayage or Island-wide service, we have the solution for you.


    • 3-axle Heavy Haul Chassis
    • 48' Flatbed Trailers
    • 45', 48’ and 53' Trailer capacities
    • Power Only - Tow Away Service
    • The Largest Van Fleet in Puerto Rico


    • Expert ocean container service fully licensed and bonded
    • Product moved to warehouses, and /or customer location, on demand
    • Direct shipping to your customers