• Bestway Transport Trucking Equipment

  • Trailers

    Bestway Transport operates a fleet of over 800 trailers. Due to anticipated volume growth, Bestway will be adding in the coming year, 100 additional container/trailers of 40’, 45’, 48’, and 53’.


  • Tractors

    Bestway currently runs over 82 Tractors and 6 Trailer Jockeys. We are currently adding more units to our fleet of Tractors.

  • Tank Trucks

    Our Potable Water Tank Trailer fleet consists of 12 stainless steel Tank Trailers, each with a capacity of 6,500 gallons.

  • Diesel Delivery Trucks

    Up to 2,000 gal. capacity

  • Service Trucks

    Bestway operates 5 fully equipped service trucks for road calls, site calls or dedicated customer facility placement. Some service trucks are also equipped with power generators to pre-trip refrigerated equipment in the field.

    Bestway counts on a group of over 85 contracted and “in-house” Drivers.